The quest for the finer things in life is a way of living

Subtle and unique flavors, French refinement, contemporary packaging and pastry unlike anything else you have ever tasted are what AKTAION pastry boutiques are all about.

Ensuring nothing but top-quality products has always been our main focus. In order to achieve this goal, we only collaborate with certified Greek and foreign producers, carefully selecting raw ingredients and thus meeting even the most demanding culinary expectations.
Excellence in quality is met by the combination of traditional and contemporary techniques as well as the use of new trends in the art of pastry making. The final product could of course not have been achieved without the contribution of our very own staff, a group of people that are dedicated to their art and help make our business maintain a sense of family in everything that we do.

Taste Greece in one bite..!!

Our latest macaron flavor, basil, olive oil and bergamot,
which earned the 2nd place in the Greek competition Le meilleur Macaron Grec to Stamatis Xenakis (pastry chef in AKTAION).
In an effort to reimagine and combine all the flavors we grew up with, I fell in love with Greece all over again by this small macaron!

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  • Chocolates
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    Individual Cakes
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  • Almond based desserts
    Almond based desserts




Crispy wafer base, mousse and chocolate cream combination, coated with hazelnut praline.


Milk chocolate mousse with a light caramel flavor.


Light airy combination of white chocolate mousse and yogurt, lemon coulis and strawberry biscuit.

Bitter Chocolate

Thin chocolate layers set between a sour and sweet mousse guanaja.

Chocolate milk

Combination of mousse and chocolate cream coated with milk chocolate.


White chocolate mousse with raspberry and a bitter chocolate coating.


Fluffy cream with a unique Mandorla flavor.


Combination of strawberry cream and chocolate mousse.


Light biscuit flavored cream with crispy chocolate biscuits.

White angel

Light mousse of white chocolate with caramel butter on crunchy base

Cheese cake

Tasteful combination of mascarpone cream with red fruits on a crunchy base






  • Hazelnut tart


  • Millefeuille bites
  • Strawberry tartlets
  • Biscuit tartlets
  • Caramel tartlets
  • Bitter Amarena tartlets
  • Lemon tartlets
  • Eclairs
  • Cream Puffs
  • Boston cream pie bites
  • Cake bites
  • Nougatine bites
  • Pavlova treats
  • Desserts in mini glasses


Chocolate pralines


  • Noisette
  • Dark chocolate orange marzipan
  • Almond dark chocolate
  • Almond milk chocolate
  • Dark chocolate brownie
  • Almond nougat dark chocolate
  • Peanut butter milk chocolate
  • Bitter chocolate heart
  • Strawberry heart milk chocolate
  • White praline heart
  • Bueno flavor wafer
  • Praline wafer





  • Dark chocolate 0% sugar with organic rice
  • Dark chocolate 0% sugar with almonds
Individual Cakes
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    Individual Cakes



    Authentic Italian recipe. Α strong combination of coffee and soft cheese cream powdered with cocoa.


    Fresh baked meringue with chocolate, mascarpone cream with honey and red fruits.


    Light airy combination of white chocolate mousse and yogurt, lemon coulis and strawberry biscuit.

    Rasberry (Valrhona)

    Combination of rasberry creme and vanilla on a crispy base

    Mille – Feuilles

    Crunchy sheets of puff pastry with patisserie, powdered with sugar.

    White Angel

    Light mousse of white chocolate with caramel butter οn crunchy base.

    Profiterol AZELIA (Valrhona)

    Fresh cream puffs filled with cream covered with chocolate sauce with hazel nut taste.

    Secret Hazelnut

    Crumble biscuit with hazelnut cream and the liquid praline of hazelnut
    in the center it will pleasantly surprise you.

    Secret Pistachio

    Crumble biscuit with pistachio cream and the liquid praline of pistachio ίn the center it will pleasantly surprise you.

    Yuzu (Valrhona)

    The ultimate cool combination of creme yuzu with kalamansi, notes of lime and crispy biscuit base.

    Fruit tart

    Tart filled with patisseήe and fresh fruits.

    Lemon tart

    Delicate taste of lemon cream in a tart covered with soft mering

    Hukabi (Valrhona)

    Hukabi chocolate mousse with hazelnut praline, butter caramel and hazelnut cake with chocolate.

    Bitter chocolate Pastry (Valrhona)

    Layers fine chocolate between bitter sweet and elegant mousse

    Cheese cake

    Tasteful combination of mascarpone cream with red fruits οn a crunchy
    biscuit base.

    Milk chocolate Pastry

    Combination of mousse and chocolate cream covered with milk


    Αn exotic combination of coconut mousse, passion fruit, mango and pineapple compote in a crispy base of maringue.

    Pannacotta Dulcey (Valrhona)

    Pannacotta Dulcey (Valrhona)
    With caramelized white chocolate, mango and crumble biscuit.




  • orange
  • walnut
  • chocolate
  • With tahini and sesame
  • With jam and icing
  • Hearts with strawberry jam or apricot
  • Filled with praline
  • Filled with jam
  • orange biscuits
  • cinnamon biscuits
  • Savory biscuits Gruyere
  • Savory biscuits with oregano
  • aniseed biscuits
  • carob biscuits
  • Salty sticks
  • cinnamon biscuits 0% sugar
  • chocolate cookies 0% sugar


Light as a feather, but a mouthful of sweet pleasure!  Thin, crispy layer, amazing colors, exquisite filling! Once you take a bite, flavors explode in your mouth!


  • Chocolate
  • Madagascar Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Pistachio
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Coffee
  • praline
  • Violet
  • Raspberry / chocolate
  • Pomegranate / green tea
  • Aegean
  • Honey / lavender
  • Black berry Naxos
  • Rose
  • Βasil / olive oil / bergamot
  • Graviera/Fig/Pepper
  • Chili pepper
  • Kitro Naxou
  • Mastic / Cinnamon
Almond based desserts


  • Traditional Naxian almond treats
  • Macarons
  • Almond Meringue Cookies
  • Florentines

A story full of sweets!

It all begins in 1954 when Grandpa Nicolas came from Aivali, bringing along the unique recipes and flavors of the East. That was the beginning of a journey that would become a heritage for the generations to come.
Nick and Panagiota Fragiskos made sure to continue and enrich these traditional recipes with new flavors and techniques from the French, making AKTAION the sweetest part of your life for the past 35 years.
Having grown up in the fantasy world of AKTAION, Kalitsa Fragiskos continued the family tradition and along with her husband Stamatis Xenakis have managed to build a paradise for those who search for extraordinary flavors and high quality in their favorite desserts.

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    The quest for the finer things in life is a way of living!